Feeder Markets for the Vail Valley

Feeder Markets for the Vail Valley

Know your market and know the people who are looking to buy your product. This is Market and Sales 101. As a part of my marketing program, I take the steps to maximize the value of the homes I list by targeting the areas where buyers are looking for homes in the Vail Valley. With Coldwell Banker's technology, I receive in-depth analysis of where people are looking for homes, and how best to target those buyers. Here are the top seven areas I am finding buyers actively searching for homes in the Vail Valley.

#7 – Washington/Seattle

Colorado is 6th on the list of states that Washingtonians move to, and that number is only expected to rise.

#6 - Virginia

As one of the wealthiest areas in the country, Northern Virginia is a consistent feeder market for buyers looking for high-end resort homes. Where better to escape the Northern Virginia craziness than Vail?

#5 - Overseas

Vail is a known international destination for buyers from across the globe. Coldwell Banker has international connections and custom syndications to ensure that your listing is marketing to potential buyers not only around the county but around the world.

#4 - Colorado Mountain Communities

Be it buyers from Summit County, Gunnison County, or Steamboat Springs, many buyers are already here in the Rockies looking to find their dream home in the Vail Valley.

#3 - Texas. Houston, Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth

It's no surprise that Texans form a large cohort of buyers looking to the Vail Valley to find their dream Colorado Mountain Home. Texas has the population and economy to provide the type of buyer looking for Vail and Texas is not known for mountains or snow.

#2 - The Front Range/Denver

The Front Range is the single largest market where we need to find your potential buyer. With a burgeoning growth in affluent citizens, the residents of the Front Range are looking to find their home away from home in their favorite ski town. This is why we have a large number of real estate agents on our contact lists to ensure that affluent buyers in the market are the first to know that your mountain home is on the market. Coldwell Banker has a large presence in the area, and we can tap into that network.

#1 – Vail Valley

One of the main places where we see buyers is in your own backyard! It makes sense, buyers who are already in love with the area looking to move up or down depending on their needs. This is why we complete a in depth local marketing campaign with print and digital ads to capture the potential buyers who are your neighbors.

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